I still love winter.

I really hope you're not too sick of winter photos... because I have quite a few in this little laptop of mine! ;)

I still love winter.

 I have to keep telling myself that when it's this cold out. I'm talking negative seven, nine, and eleven degrees early in the morning and late at night. I still love winter. I really do. I love bundling up in my coat, grabbing a scarf from my -ahem- rather large stash, and pulling on mittens and a hat (as long as I didn't spend too much time on my hair, ha). Don't get me wrong- around the end of February this will all get old. I'll yearn for the beautiful flowers, green grass, and not having my toes freeze in my shoes anymore... but for now...

I still love winter.

I'm content to come in from sledding to a cup of hot tea, a fire in the fireplace, and a good book.

I still love winter.

And, a quick quote before I finish  my rambles for the day.

Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Great photos! But I'll have to disagree with you on the "loving winter":) So ready for flip flops, green grass, and blue skies!! Hope your Thursday is going well!

    Happy weekend!