what a wonderful world

A few thoughts.

First. There's nothing like watching a sunset from an airplane. Agreed? Okay. Moving on.

Second. The trees in this forest I was in over Christmas break were beautiful... I love the contrast of the dark trees and the blue sky.

Third. If you take the time to turn over a stone, to go deeper, you just might discover something extraordinary.

Fourth. Purple converse are adorable, but probably are not the greatest hiking shoes.

Fifth. Even on a walk I didn't exactly feel like going on, God can still knock your socks off with His Creation.

Sixth. There are waterfalls in New England. Who knew?

Seventh. Ice is beautiful. Simple as that.

Eighth. What can I say? Mushrooms are cool too. :)

Ninth. What a wonderful world we live in. It's not always blue skies and daisies, but all in all, it's pretty great. God is good.

Bonus. Head over to Francesca Battistelli's website for a free download of her new single You Never Are. Scroll all the way to the bottom and enter your email address in the field on the left to get newsletters from her, and for doing that they'll give you a free download! Enjoy- I know I did!

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