the view from saturday

Isn't that the title of a book? The view from Saturday? Maybe I'm dreaming. That wouldn't be the first time. Anyways. Ahem. I love how that sounds. The view from Saturday is pretty relaxing for me today. How about you?

My view is also full of snow. And photo challenges.

Okay. I love this photo. I'm in love with Scrabble letters... seriously. So
 much potential and so many creative possibilities!! 

The Paper Mama

I adore winter.

By the way- I was thinking of opening an Etsy shop sometime soon- maybe in the spring. What do you think? Anyone a veteran Etsy seller, or have advice? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. :)

Have a lovely weekend friends! Hope the view from your Saturday is a good one. SHARE THIS POST


  1. I love these pictures! and when i say love i mean love!

  2. Such beautiful pictures!

  3. These are amazing winter shots. Love the snow winter landscape....and those snowy leaves. wow...

  4. Scrabble! Love that!! :)

  5. I love your blog background. So pretty. Wow. Also love your scrabble letters. So sweet : )

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the scrabble pieces idea!