yes, I'm throwing in a random photo of winter because I usually don't like just having a post of words. so there you go.

{This idea is from Carlotta... I thought I mind as well try it out!}

confession. I am not an organized human being. Like, seriously, not at all. It drives me nuts, but I'm not. I should probably work on that.

confession. I am extremely excited for a fun weekend. Tonight, we're having our family small group over... then tomorrow, I'm having breakfast with some girls in my other small group, headed to a party tomorrow night, then to church on Sunday, and there's probably more that I can't think of right now. It will be good.

confession. I have a lot to do today and too little time to do it in. This is where being organized comes in.

confession. I still have twinkly lights up on my mirror in my room. You know, the icicle lights people put on the tree at Christmastime? Yup. Still there. Maybe I'll just keep them there all year.

confession. I drink iced coffee in the winter. I don't have to make sense, okay?

confession. I looove my iPod touch. It is incredible... seriously. Some of my favorite apps right now include...

  • PS Express (Photoshop for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Beatwave
  • Thicket
  • Hipstamatic
  • and Pandora. Check 'em out, seriously.
confession. I haven't been very motivated with photography over the past week. I feel like I've taken every possible shot of winter at our place... but I know that's not the case. I'm determined to head out tomorrow and come back with some great photos.

confession. I have way to big of a sweet tooth. It's bad. The other day, I looked in the pocket of a pair of jeans and was shocked at how many candy wrappers were in there. Yikes! (I really hope my mom isn't reading this........)  :)

confession. I should really stop confessing now because, as you know, I have things to do. See ya!

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  1. love the picture :)
    I just found your blog and I'll follow!