Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that there are a few people in particular halfway across the world who SINCERELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS right now.

Please head over to http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ and look at the pictures and pray for Katie, for her girls, and for the people she's being Jesus to in Uganda. Then click on the link in her most recent post to another blog to see updates on how one of the girls in the pictures is doing.

Believing that God can and WILL provide, and thankful that He's in the business of miracles,


Maybe, just maybe, one of my favorite pictures EVER

She just loves getting her picture taken.

On my mind

1. Photoshop I'm sort of obsessed right now with making collages on Photoshop! The header of my blog right now is actually one I designed and made. It was so much fun, but the one I'm working on right now is taking forever to finish. It'll be worth it.

2. School Day two was great too. It's kind of nice to have a schedule again.

3. Fall It's coming! And it is my favorite season. I try hard not to "wish the present away", and enjoy every day. But I can't wait for fall. It makes me think of leaves turning golden, red, and orange...and corn mazes...and jeans...and apple cider... and cool weather... and being with friends outside... and knitting scarves and hats and stuff... I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE fall.

4. Books Did you notice that there are a few new pages on my blog up top? Check them out. They aren't very developed yet, but I'm getting there. I'm excited about the books one because I read so much and always want to tell people about my favorites, and not-so favorites.

5. The Water Crisis Most Africans must walk 4-6 miles a day to get water that could kill them. A sand-filter can be built for around $80, and that would eliminate all but a miniscule amount of germs from the water. If I sold something for $10 a piece, and sold 8 of them, that would mean that a whole town in Africa could have clean water. Just a thought, we'll see.

That's about it! Just had a bunch of random thoughts bouncing around. Happy almost-weekend!


back to school...

Yes, it had to come someday.

Ha just kidding, school's not that bad! Back to school today, but I'm not letting myself think that it's the end of the summer. That just makes me WAY too sad! So I'm telling myself that it's just summer with a bunch more books and a few tests here and there. Works for me! The first day back was great.



{the little antique shop downtown}



just a good day...

Just had a really good, summer day today.

Went swimming, took lots of pictures, ate some pizza with family, my brother chased down the ice cream truck and got us some dilly-bars, and I spent time with some really amazing friends in the prayer room a bunch of us high-schoolers created at our church.

Yeah, it was a good one. Hope your day was great too!!



songs on my playlist

I want to share some of the new(er) songs that I've been listening to a lot lately! Here goes.

- Audrey Assad's new album
Remember her from Chris Tomlin's Christmas single, Winter Snow? She's 16 or 17 years old, and this is her first album. I love it.

- Speaking of Chris Tomlin, I can't get enough of his new song, Our God.

- Britt Nicole- Walk on the Water

- BarlowGirl- Beautiful Ending

- Brooke Fraser- Albertine

- Carrie Underwood- So Small

- Kari Jobe- I'm Singing

- tobyMac- Funky Jesus Music

Just a couple that I like! Let me know what you think. SHARE THIS POST


why I take pictures

I love, love, love to take pictures. There are way too many reasons why I love it. There's the basics... capturing memories and moments with family and friends. But for me there are some deeper reasons I've noticed recently. I'll try to explain them.

Photography to me is about seeing things differently than the rest of the world, capturing that, then showing other people how YOU see what THEY see differently. There are some things that I notice and think are beautiful, that others might not... like a certain rock, or a texture in wood, or a stray cloud.

God is an immensely creative God!! I absolutely LOVE capturing what He has created.

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We happened upon this little (or not so little...) guy today while outside!! He was neon green with, in my opinion, too many legs for me to look at him and NOT squirm! :) SHARE THIS POST


Long time, no blog...

Yeah, it's been awhile!! We were away from home more than we were at home in July. :) Been crazy!! But summer has been so much fun. We were on vacation for about a week and a half, and like I wrote earlier in the summer, we were at Kings Island for a couple of days. These are a few pictures from both.

tobyMac!! :)

Chris Tomlin

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns