getting ready...

...for summer!! I am getting really excited... there's a bunch of things I just love about the summer.

-vacation!! I love seeing family and friends more in the summer.
-time for things I usually can't fit in during the school year
-the pool... swimming, relaxing...the lazy river(;
-how it's light out really late
-the beach
-going to get ice cream after dinner...after the pool...anytime
-summer clothes(:
-hanging out with friends... sleepovers, running around neighborhoods... staying out really late...
-riding bikes
-staying up WAY too late reading a good book... I know, I'm a nerd!!
-I'm sure there's more...but for now I can't think of them.

Until then, I'm still enjoying spring. Happy Friday!! SHARE THIS POST


{in the woods}

A bit ago we went to our neighbors' house and I got to take some pictures... here are a few of my favorites, along with a bunch from around our place too!! (:



paths crossing

On Saturday, I had the greatest opportunity to serve people in our area. I worked with some amazing people (a bunch of my friends!!) to paint a big room in the building we were working on. That took most of the time, but during lunch we got to walk around and just talk to people who were there. My friends and I ate with a family who had just arrived in town the day before. They had two kids who were absolutely ADORABLE!! We talked with more people, with the most awesome stories. There was someone who had walked 100 miles to get to our town, walking 10 to 15 miles a DAY. Another person had terrible back problems. A sweet girl showed us she could chug an enormous juice bottle in less than a minute!! (: She cracked us up!!

Our paths crossed with the most terrific people... people we probably would never talk to otherwise. It sure was a unique experience for us all!!

I feel like I was blessed by the people I interacted with WAY more than I blessed them!! I'm so thankful for this experience. SHARE THIS POST


in a bubble

Have you ever thought about how most of us float around in a bubble all the time? We live in our own, comfy little bubble...floating around, doing whatever we want, caring about ourselves, and pushing away thoughts that might make us uncomfortable. Maybe these are thoughts like how many orphans there are in the world: 147 MILLION. (And those are just the ones in actual orphanages.) Maybe it's that in Uganda, there are 14-18 month-olds who weigh around 8 pounds. Or maybe it's the fact that every 30 seconds, a child dies from a preventable disease: malaria. But what do most of us do? We push these thoughts away, saying that someone else will do something about it. We say that someone else will make a dent in the number of orphans in the world. In reality, 34% of Christian families consider adoption. Only 1% of Christian families actually end up adopting. But if 8% of all people who say they are Christian would adopt, there would be no more orphans. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. We think that someone else will take care of those babies in Uganda... when we go spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on "nice" cars, "a decent sized" house, you name it. IT IS TIME TO POP OUR BUBBLES. I'm not trying to bombard you with statistics, percentages, etc... I'm simply telling it like it is and praying God will move you to do whatever it is He is calling you to. Some great places to start are the links I have posted on the right hand side of this page. Let's do something about what's going on in our world today.

Jeremiah 22: 16
He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?" declares the Lord. SHARE THIS POST



The other day I went outside to take some more pictures of spring blooms. These were taken of one of my favorite trees in the yard:

And above is a shot of the sunset the other evening. Is that not amazing?! I love how it looks like the sky is on fire or something!!

In our yard every year, one random eggplant-colored tulip shows up in the same spot. Above is a picture of that tulip, plus another one that decided to bloom this year!!

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I love the sky. It is easily one of my favorite things in the entire world!! I just love how it looks like God paints the sky every morning and evening, after storms, before storms(:, every time of day... and I have so much fun being able to capture it! Here are just a few of my favorite shots of the sky:

^^This one has to be one of my absolute favorites EVER.^^ It was taken after a storm, and I just edited the contrast a bit so that you could see the rainbow better(: GORGEOUS!!




I love my dog(: She is the sweetest thing...and she makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Her "hobbies" include counter surfing (comment if you don't know what that is!! (: ), trash- can digging, rolling in the grass, sunbathing, sleeping, announcing the fact that there are other animals in the vicinity (LOUDLY, I might add!!), and being a goofball. Angel's such a cutie, too... here are a couple of pics to prove it!! (:

Above, she is posing while out for a quick walk with me. I think her expression's saying, "Really. Pictures, again? NOW? Fine. I'll pose." (: Love her!!

Here she's sunbathing...

And here, she's doing her signature "smile"!! I love this one...it makes me laugh!!

Happy Tuesday!! SHARE THIS POST


{oh, spring...}

Well, it's spring again. I have to say I'm glad. I tried hard not to complain about the weather this winter, and actually enjoyed the season more!! Of course, I love winter anyway. I ADORE snow. But after a while, you start to itch for some warmer weather. Finally it is here!! Here are a couple of shots from spring so far.