snowy weekend...

I have had the most relaxing weekend over the past few days. Ah. So nice.

Yesterday, Saturday, I saw the new Chronicles of Narnia movie with a bunch of friends. That was excellent- highly reccomended. :) Then they all came over and we ate pizza, ran around the house and tried to get rid of all that extra energy left over after you sit through a two hour movie and can't go outside because it's sleeting/raining/snowing. {Excuse me as I pause for breath.} It was a great day.

Today, we did not go to church because... of... a... BLIZZARD WARNING. Yes. All 2-3 inches of snow that we got makes for a blizzard warning?! What?! Apparently it was the wind that was the deciding factor here. Then, all of my "activities" for this afternoon were cancelled. I actually didn't mind the day at home. We watched football and a movie... I drank a big mug of tea, then switched and went for some coffee. :) It was extremely relaxing.

Moving on.

I am entering this photo in Aspire's Christmas Photo Challenge...

Aspire Photo Challenge

It's extremely simple, but I think that simple beauty is, in essence, the beauty of winter.

And here are a few others from the beautiful snow that has been everpresent over the past few days! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Oh! And I'd love to hear what you think of the new blog design. I always like hearing what people have to say! And do you prefer the huge photos like in this post, the size I normally post them as, or something in between? Thanks!


  1. Love the new design/picture size! I love change every once in a while!!:) Great pictures! Keep it up:) Hope to talk to/see you soon!!!:)


  2. Thanks Taylor! :) Yes... let's do lunch or something after Christmas!