a postcard box

I received a box a few years ago from a family member. It's full of postcards from every state and many countries.... and a few other things too, like tiny black and white pictures and letters. I LOVE it. I see something new each time I look inside it. So let's take a tour.
Here's the stuff that rests on the top when you open it up... some cards of my own, some film yet to be developed, and those black and white photographs I told you about.

Let's start with...
...the tiny black and white photographs.
Here's my favorite. And yes, that's the Eiffel Tower in the distance. See it? AH!
Sidenote: For those of you who didn't know, I really. REALLY. want to go to Paris someday. End of sidenote.
Pick a tab, any tab...
The Great Wall
Obviously, this is from China.
Moving on to Paris, France, we see a menu from a restaurant. There's a cute comic on the front.
Another scene from Paris...
Here's one from Russia.
Beautiful artwork above, no?
And even more beautiful...
This postcard from my Mom and Aunt to their grandparents while on vacation! So cute guys. :) You had to be five and three or something?
The postcard that they wrote was from York Beach, where (above) Nubble Light is. We still love to visit there!!
These letters are so interesting to read...sweet words from one loved one to another.
That's about it!! Thanks for sticking with me through it. I sure love that box...



  1. very cool! so cool that you have these to keep!!:) love the vintage look of them!!!!:)

  2. Wow...this is a dream come true! I'm so nostalgic. :o)