has God ever...

...broken your heart for what breaks His?

He broke mine.

My heart has been broken for the orphans in the world. The fact that there are precious kids out there with no family to love on them makes me squirm...and makes my heart break. They have needs that can't be met because things like the water crisis, disease, malnutrition, and more have taken away their parents. It's awful!! These things could be prevented!! Seriously? Some of these problems are easily solved, some are not, but most of the things that make orphans become ORPHANS could be prevented.

One of the ways that these could be prevented is with these shirts, 147 shirts. They're cute and really soft, but more importantly they pay for food for orphans in Uganda. So, get a shirt, and you've given orphans a bunch of meals. That sounds good to me.

147 also sells beautiful necklaces, so check those out too.

Let your heart be broken for what breaks God's. Be open to what He's calling you to.



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  2. Oops had a typo, let's try this again:)

    Right with ya, sista!!!!:)

    Just bought their new bag! Can't wait for it to come!!:) And their shirts....LOVE 'EM!!!!:) Awesome way to spread the orphan crisis!!!!:) Even though you get looks walking in to the DMV with it on:)

  3. ha that's okay!!

    Seriously?! Which one? The black one? I love the shirts so much... I might get the new pink and grey one. I love it. Ha, you get looks ANYWHERE with those on!! :)