We took a trip to Chicago the other day! So fun. I love Chicago. My wonderful grandparents joined us for the day too! :)

The day started with a fantastic sunrise... which you know I love SO much...

At the train station, the train was late so...... I took pictures. Usual me.

Once on the train, we sat for an hour without moving at all because there was some problem with signals (?). All I know is that we were immensely bored for that 60 minutes. :)

And FINALLY we were there!! After what should've been about 2 hours, maybe less, it took over 3 hours. Shesh. Ha, it was still a GREAT day.

The buildings...
The streets...
A big metal mirror/ball in a park.....
We went on an architectural boat tour, which was also a great opportunity for pictures.

So, that's about it! I'll post something else that I worked on later.



  1. Looks like fun!! Glad y'all had a good time!

    Great job on the pictures! They look good!!:)

  2. We sure did! And thank you:)

    PS I saw you on vintage blu's blog a bit ago!! great pictures of you all!!