Long time, no blog...

Yeah, it's been awhile!! We were away from home more than we were at home in July. :) Been crazy!! But summer has been so much fun. We were on vacation for about a week and a half, and like I wrote earlier in the summer, we were at Kings Island for a couple of days. These are a few pictures from both.

tobyMac!! :)

Chris Tomlin

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns



  1. LOVED King's Island!!! We missed you guys by like 2 weeks!!lol wish we went when Toby was there tho!! Glad to hear your summer has been fun!! It's been crazyy around here to!!!lol Hope all is going well and we need to hang out soon! It's a must!!:)

  2. Haha really? That's awesome!! Yeah, Toby's pretty awesome!!

    Let's definitely do something soon!! We need to catch up. :) Let me know!!

  3. when do u start school?! mayb we could do pool sometime next week or somethin'! txt me and we can figure something out before the schedule fills up:)