the lost get found

Britt Nicole is absolutely one of my FAVORITE artists EVER. :) LOVE HER MUSIC!! This music video just about made me cry. I love it.

"Don't be afraid to stand out, That's how the lost get found." SHARE THIS POST


  1. I LOVE this video and Britt Nicole as well!!!:) Have you listened to "Walk on the Water" by her?! It's like my life song!!lol:)

    Had fun seeing you at the pool today! Wish we could have gotten to talk more!!:) We can arrange that though;)

  2. ME TOO!! Haha yep, I have!! And it's one of my absolute favorites. LOVE it!!

    Haha yeah, so did I!! Good getting caught up!! We could definitely hang out more soon. Just let me know!!

  3. I really like this video! It's really inspiring and it's so cool!