paths crossing

On Saturday, I had the greatest opportunity to serve people in our area. I worked with some amazing people (a bunch of my friends!!) to paint a big room in the building we were working on. That took most of the time, but during lunch we got to walk around and just talk to people who were there. My friends and I ate with a family who had just arrived in town the day before. They had two kids who were absolutely ADORABLE!! We talked with more people, with the most awesome stories. There was someone who had walked 100 miles to get to our town, walking 10 to 15 miles a DAY. Another person had terrible back problems. A sweet girl showed us she could chug an enormous juice bottle in less than a minute!! (: She cracked us up!!

Our paths crossed with the most terrific people... people we probably would never talk to otherwise. It sure was a unique experience for us all!!

I feel like I was blessed by the people I interacted with WAY more than I blessed them!! I'm so thankful for this experience. SHARE THIS POST


  1. that's so cool! it's amazing what kind of people you can meet!

  2. oh my goodness it was AMAZING!! (: i loved getting to know these people!!