getting ready...

...for summer!! I am getting really excited... there's a bunch of things I just love about the summer.

-vacation!! I love seeing family and friends more in the summer.
-time for things I usually can't fit in during the school year
-the pool... swimming, relaxing...the lazy river(;
-how it's light out really late
-the beach
-going to get ice cream after dinner...after the pool...anytime
-summer clothes(:
-hanging out with friends... sleepovers, running around neighborhoods... staying out really late...
-riding bikes
-staying up WAY too late reading a good book... I know, I'm a nerd!!
-I'm sure there's more...but for now I can't think of them.

Until then, I'm still enjoying spring. Happy Friday!! SHARE THIS POST


  1. I LOVE summer too!!:) Hope you have a great one!


    P.S. Like your "Country girl" badge on the side:)

  2. Aw thanks Taylor!! We should hang out soon(: And I hope you have a great one too!!

    ♥ Caitlin

    P.S. Thanks...I found a great site with some cute buttons like it!!

  3. i can't wait for summer either! NO SCHOOL swimming and wearing shorts! Ya!

  4. haha yess!! i love it and CAN'T WAIT!!