I love my dog(: She is the sweetest thing...and she makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Her "hobbies" include counter surfing (comment if you don't know what that is!! (: ), trash- can digging, rolling in the grass, sunbathing, sleeping, announcing the fact that there are other animals in the vicinity (LOUDLY, I might add!!), and being a goofball. Angel's such a cutie, too... here are a couple of pics to prove it!! (:

Above, she is posing while out for a quick walk with me. I think her expression's saying, "Really. Pictures, again? NOW? Fine. I'll pose." (: Love her!!

Here she's sunbathing...

And here, she's doing her signature "smile"!! I love this one...it makes me laugh!!

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  1. What's counter surfing? BTW that's the first time i've ever seen your dog. She's so cute!

  2. haha that's when she jumps up on the counter with 2 paws and tries to grab food. it's pretty funny, but quite a few of my meals have been stolen by her(:

  3. lol that's funny my dog used to do that

  4. lol that's funny my dog used to do that

  5. aw did he? that's cute(:

  6. whoops i posted twice (: